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Parts of the maize plant



Plant height  Maize typically grows from 1.2 to 3 m tall.
Roots Maize produces both adventitious and brace roots. The brace roots form above ground after plant emergence. Brace roots are important in reducing lodging. If the plant is droughted, these roots may not form adequately.
Stem & tillers Maize has a single stem anda rarely tillers.
Maize forms from 16 to 22 leaves per plant. Leaves form at each node and alternate (i.e., they appear on opposite sides of the plant).
Tassel The tassel forms at the  top of the plant and provides the pollen for fertilizing the ear (also known as a cob).

Maize usually forms a single ear ( or cob). The silk is a collection of tubes that run from each potential grain on the ear. The pollen lands on each silk and fertilizies the grain, Cobs are usually 15 to 39 cm long.


Maize grains usually weigh around 25-40 g per 100 kernels. 

Parts of the maize plant

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