Seedcorn maggot


Common names: Seedcorn maggot, Bean seed fly
Latin names:Hylemya (Cilicrura) platura, Hylemya spp, Delia Platura.

Damage to plants

  • Seed destroyed, resulting in poor germination and gappy stands.
  • Weak, wilting plants.


  • Maggots found within maize seeds or seedling stems.
  • Gaps in the plant stand.
  • Tall, wilting, spindly plants.

Factors favoring insects / pest development

  • Wet, cool weather following planting which delays germination.
  • Early planting.
  • Heavy cover crops.
  • Heavily fertilized or manured fields.

Geographical distribution

  • Seedcorn maggots are found in North America’s temperate regions and tropical highlands.

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