Yield and Economics Calculators

Yield Calculator

  1. See how yield components affect yield.
  2. Then check below to see how crop management and the environment affect yield components.

Calculate how much yield to expect:
Enter # of cobs per sq m (usually 4-8):
Enter # of grains per cob (usually 200-400):
Enter the thousand grain weight (usually 150-300g):
Your crop will yield approximately: t/ha

Remember: Build your yield

How do I manage the # of cobs per square meter? Good plant stand depends on good seed, good crop establishment (suitable plant density) and good early water and nutrient management.
How do I manage the # of grains per cob? Water and nutrient stress seriously affect final grain number (especially nitrogen deficiency and water stress).
How do I manage thousand grain weight (TGW)? TGW is determined from flowering on and is greatly affected by water stress during grain fill. Choose a planting time or irrigate your crop to avoid stress during flowering and grain fill.


Economics Calculator

Farmers want to know costs.
The following calculator estimates how much grain is needed to pay for a new practice.

Grain needed to pay for a new practice:
Enter the cost of the new practice:
local currency units
Enter the market price for grain:
local currency units per ton
You need approximately:
kg grain to pay for the new practice
Remember: Put risk into terms that a farmer can easily appreciate.