White grubs

Phyllophaga spp. and Cyclocephala spp. (annual white grubs)

Damage to plants

  • Root damage, resulting in wilting of seedlings, poor plant growth, lodging, or seedling death.


  • Wilting seedlings.
  • Poor crop stands.
  • Tilted, curved, or lodged plants.
  • Uneven growth.
  • Damaged plants are easily pulled from the soil.
  • Dead heart.
  • Purple coloration of the maize seedling, due to reduced phosphorus uptake.

Factors favoring insects / pest development

  • Shallow, matted root systems.
  • Soft, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil.
  • Crops following pasture.
  • Zero-tillage agriculture.

Geographic distribution

  • Worldwide distribution.

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